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Why food supplements?

Why do our children need food supplements?

The Importance of Food Supplements for Children's Health and Development

Importance of Micronutrients for Children's Health and Development
Micronutrients play a crucial role in children's growth and maintenance for optimal health at every stage of life. However, the proportion of children who do not reach the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for micronutrients is 87% for Vitamin D, 69% for Vitamin E, 17% for Calcium, 60% for Choline & Potassium , 99% for Fiber, 42% for Iron and 80% for Omega 3*
*Study of 2016- National library of Medicine & European Journal of Nutrition

Food Diversity: A Major Issue
Despite our efforts, children's diets often lack diversity.
According to a Credoc study published in April 2019, only 23% of children in Europe benefit from a sufficiently healthy and varied diet. At the same time, fruits and vegetables have lost 30% of their vitamins & minerals since the 1950s, due to intensive agriculture and longer periods between picking and consumption.

Interdependence of Dietary Deficiencies
It only takes one deficiency to cause other deficiencies. For example, a lack of magnesium will pose a problem for the activation of Vitamin D; Vitamins A, C and B improve iron absorption; zinc helps metabolize Vitamin A; and Vitamins K and B12 are necessary for calcium.

Food supplements, valuable support
Although nutrition is fundamental, food supplements can be valuable in supporting the growth and well-being of children. They can boost immunity, promote cognitive development and contribute to health.

Choosing the Right Food Supplements for Children
The choice of food supplements for your children is key and must under no circumstances contain any harmful ingredients. It is recommended to opt for natural supplements, without added sugar, without additives, composed of 90% organic products, vegan and with appropriate doses.

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